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#100 TRiP on 6-3-13

This was the first of our lead-up shows to the big Neon Trees High School Benefit Show. We got to play some brand new songs for the first time, and I was a bit under the weather. Unfortunately we were losing Steve Coy to Wisconsin, so old chum Joey Briggs stepped in to play drums for the week. The venue was a mid-sized bar in Santa Monica with a decent stage that even had a piano. There was mostly family in the audience, and we were reminded that Damien’s full-sized Peavey keyboard was not going to be practical for smaller stages. The evening concluded with Johnty and I sharing stories with a highly intoxicated German traveler. (Alex?)


#99 Bootleg Theater on 4-25-13

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We arrived early to load in, so as not to interrupt the play that was happening in the actual theater next door. I had actually been excited in anticipation of this show, which rarely happens. Damien and I fraternized with Ben Grey of Dear Boy, who kept being dragged into conversation despite his attempts to rest his voice. Soft Swells opened, and by Dear Boy’s set the place was packed. We opted to not use our glorious sign, as it lit the stage to almost daylight. An unidentified bass error resulted in an extended mix of Best Summer Ever, complete with an improvised ass dance by Wayne, Francis and Steve. We played two new songs, “Watch Yr Back” and “Ledger’s in the Red.”

#75 Troubadour on 3-8-12

Holy Fuck. This was an INCREDIBLE show. The show was headlined by Crash Kings, and also playing were Light FM and Bethpage Black.We promoted the Hell out of this one, and between the efforts of us and Steve Coy of Bethpage Black we managed to sell it out, the first sold out Active Set show.

When we took the stage there were already so many people; it was very exciting. We played a good set, although I never felt quite settled in. I wanted to play for much much longer. The stage was a clusterfuck of equipment. It felt like Guitar Center, as the preferred stacking everything back to front to ‘save time.’ Castro had to be squeezed in off center. However, the night was full of excitement and definitely legendary in my mind.

#74 Vu Ultra Bar on 3-5-12


We played with a James Honeycutt, but I didn’t see him. Heck, he might not have played. Our set was well-received, and I felt a tense “in the moment” feeling combined with an awkward “why am I here?” chaser. Oh live performance…

Wicklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame were after us, and they were a fantastic bluegrass hoedown kind of band, with a singer who jumped around and had a perfect whiskey snarl. Excellent stuff.

#73 Doll Hut on 3-4-12

I had worked hard to get a good cohesive lineup together, and was pretty satisfied with the results. My Machete were the standout, and I made a fool of myself assuming the lead singer/bassist was a ‘band girlfriend’. It reminded me to observe before acting. Luckily she was a sport and was not offended. Their music was melodic and shoegazey, but her voice brought a sweetness to the forefront. Was left wanting to play with them again.
NerveBloc and Bristol To Memory also played, with sounds ranging from garagey indie to protorock, whatever both of those terms mean! Both bands were quite gracious, but I was reminded that Doll Hut still not be the right venue for us to play. It has such a punk rock history, and though I love the layout and location, there are probably better venues to play, ones that fit us more.

#72 On The Rox on 12-12-11

This was the holiday party for High Voltage Magazine. I had come across their announcements for the event on Twitter and reached out to see if we could play. They said yes. It rained like Hell which definitely had an impact on the number of people, but there was still a crowd. I had never seen Sunset Blvd. look so dead!

The evening was opened up by Zero One, the band fronted by actor/comedian Hal Sparks. He was not joking in how seriously he took his metal, decked out in Kiss-worthy dragon pants. They even covered Spinal Tap. MPC forgot some drum stuff, so we borrowed it from Bethpage Black’s drummer, a tall dark figure named Steve. Our set was enjoyable, including our Christmas song we wrote. We even wore Christmas lights. Bethpage Black were an eclectic ‘rock’ band, who chose to cover The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” and their singer nailed all the high stuff. Suddyn was an alt-piano-rock band who closed out the evening.

The ladies of High Voltage were very approachable and we had some good conversations with them. They also gave out Christmas gifts to everyone who attended.

#71 Redwood Bar on 11-11-11

This was the release of our new album 11, and proved to be an unforgettable evening for all the wrong reasons. Except for Blond Goblin, we hand picked the acts who played with us. Dark Furs were kind enough to open the evening, only this time minus keys for a bit more of a stripped-back sound. New Room had been on our list of people to play with for quite some time, and their music proved to be deeper and darker than I had remembered, but (I felt) fit us perfectly.
Strangely enough, a friend of a friend was having a going away party at the venue, so I kept running into people I knew. They kept saying “Oh, I finally get to see you play!” When we took the stage, one of these friends was beyond drunk and insisted on coming on stage. I did my best to shuffle her away, but time after time she kept returning to dance, bump into things, unplug things accidentally and pull my mic down to talk. My blood was boiling, and this was not getting any better. The rest of the band seemed amused, and I was pleased that they weren’t phased, at the very least. The show ended, not a moment too soon.