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NEW SINGLE – Shut ‘Em Down

This is the first single from our upcoming EP. It is a sad song.


New album – 11

After much struggle and a final triumphant push to finish getting it tracked and mixed, we are proud to announce the release of our new album, simply titled 11. It is 11 songs, and we have the benefit of being able to release it on 11-11-11, which gets us all excited, numerologically speaking.

It was mixed by long-time collaborator Jason LaRocca and mastered by the ever-giving Erick Labson. To make it even cooler, the artwork was made by amazing actor/artist Joe McKay, who happened to have done the artwork on Broken Social Scene’s Rock Forgiveness Record. Joe has made us look very¬†good.

You can buy the album on iTunes or Bandcamp, but we make more money off the latter.

The Active Set, ON TOUR.

Yes, we have booked a very nice tour up and down California. It originally had Portland as its northernmost destination, but Portland proved very difficult to book a show in. Over saturation of indie rock is our guess, so we’ll have to visit another time. The tour (appropriately christened the “It Multiplies Tour”) will include the following dates:

May 17 – Anaheim – Doll Hut
May 18 – San Diego – Ruby Room
May 20 – Los Angeles – Mr. T’s Bowl
May 21 – Visalia – Cellar Door
May 22 – Santa Cruz – Metavinyl
May 23 – San Francisco – Brick & Mortar Music
May 24 – Sacramento – Naked Lounge
May 25 – Redding – Maxwell’s
May 26 – Eureka – Little Red Lion
May 28 – San Francisco – Brainwash Cafe
May 29 – Fresno – Tokyo Garden
We have some special surprises planned, so those interested in seeing a ‘different side’ of the Active Set should definitely come out to some of the shows.

It Multiplies video shoot location: FOUND!

(photo by Danit Sigler)
Having sought a perfect desolate location for the It Multiplies video, we happened upon a house in Palmdale, CA that had the remains of a chicken farm behind it. These rotting wooden shacks are incredible, and look very creepy at night.
Seeing as the song is a bit darker and moodier than our last, we wanted something to fit that. Our director Lior Molcho is very pleased with the find and is looking forward to making a bit more of an ‘art video’ than the last one. Photographer Tami Bahat is going to some makeup/art direction of the shoot as well, so we’ll see what that brings.
Shooting takes place on the evening of January 23rd, and the weather is supposed to be somewhere around 30 degrees. Hooray winter desert night shoot!

The song is set to be released on January 31st, a month or so before the video.