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NEW SINGLE – Shut ‘Em Down

This is the first single from our upcoming EP. It is a sad song.


New Video: Famous For Dying

We teamed up again with video director Lior Molcho to make this deliciously gory and over-the-top video. He had long wanted to do something like this with us. We also had special effects support from horror icon Walter Phelan. So here it is:

New Video – It Multiples

Well, here it is. We spent a freezing night in Palmdale, CA in one of the best locations ever making this. Video team Lior Molcho/Danit Sigler brought this to life. The makeup/visual concept was created by photographer Tami Bahat, referencing a photo shoot I did with her called “After Hours”. This extended into different looks for each band member, and along with the ‘rotted’ locale creates a fantastic dark world, a fitting match to this song of infidelity.


(Is it a ‘t-shirt’ because it’s shaped like a ‘T’? As opposed to what? A k-shirt? A p-shirt?)
We have the first Active Set t-shirt now available in a range of sizes. One of the earliest associations I had for the name ‘Active Set’ was people playing tennis, so Michael Castro ran with this and found us a great vintage shirt design, which we modified, color-schemed and voila!
Buy one today.

New single: It Multiplies

The second single leading up to our new album is out today. It is a song about infidelity. In fact, a specific incidence of infidelity, and the consequences. Listen to it here.
The artwork was done by local Jolly de Guzman, who has created some incredible art.
Our goal was to release something entirely different in theme and mood from our last single. It’s going to be a great year…

New Single – Let The Games Begin

Sooooooo, the first of our new singles is up. It’s an optimistic story-song called Let The Games Begin. It’s been a long road, but we’re on to something good. It’s quite possibly a sequel to Better Brigade, in theme. You can listen to it or download it here.
We will be at Coachella today to spread the message about this brand new song. Say hello if you see us.