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#75 Troubadour on 3-8-12

Holy Fuck. This was an INCREDIBLE show. The show was headlined by Crash Kings, and also playing were Light FM and Bethpage Black.We promoted the Hell out of this one, and between the efforts of us and Steve Coy of Bethpage Black we managed to sell it out, the first sold out Active Set show.

When we took the stage there were already so many people; it was very exciting. We played a good set, although I never felt quite settled in. I wanted to play for much much longer. The stage was a clusterfuck of equipment. It felt like Guitar Center, as the preferred stacking everything back to front to ‘save time.’ Castro had to be squeezed in off center. However, the night was full of excitement and definitely legendary in my mind.


#72 On The Rox on 12-12-11

This was the holiday party for High Voltage Magazine. I had come across their announcements for the event on Twitter and reached out to see if we could play. They said yes. It rained like Hell which definitely had an impact on the number of people, but there was still a crowd. I had never seen Sunset Blvd. look so dead!

The evening was opened up by Zero One, the band fronted by actor/comedian Hal Sparks. He was not joking in how seriously he took his metal, decked out in Kiss-worthy dragon pants. They even covered Spinal Tap. MPC forgot some drum stuff, so we borrowed it from Bethpage Black’s drummer, a tall dark figure named Steve. Our set was enjoyable, including our Christmas song we wrote. We even wore Christmas lights. Bethpage Black were an eclectic ‘rock’ band, who chose to cover The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” and their singer nailed all the high stuff. Suddyn was an alt-piano-rock band who closed out the evening.

The ladies of High Voltage were very approachable and we had some good conversations with them. They also gave out Christmas gifts to everyone who attended.