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#73 Doll Hut on 3-4-12

I had worked hard to get a good cohesive lineup together, and was pretty satisfied with the results. My Machete were the standout, and I made a fool of myself assuming the lead singer/bassist was a ‘band girlfriend’. It reminded me to observe before acting. Luckily she was a sport and was not offended. Their music was melodic and shoegazey, but her voice brought a sweetness to the forefront. Was left wanting to play with them again.
NerveBloc and Bristol To Memory also played, with sounds ranging from garagey indie to protorock, whatever both of those terms mean! Both bands were quite gracious, but I was reminded that Doll Hut still not be the right venue for us to play. It has such a punk rock history, and though I love the layout and location, there are probably better venues to play, ones that fit us more.

#54 Doll Hut on 5-17-11

This was the first show of our tour. Doll Hut used to be Linda’s Doll Hut and is a bit legendary, particularly for punk rock bands. I’m trying to think if this is the first time we’ve actually played Orange County.
This is a small place with access to the stage from front and side, so you could have a very nice packed ‘surround sound’ audience. We did not unfortunately, as there were no local bands put on the bill. (LA, LA and SF) The men’s bathroom had a toilet seat hanging from the wall instead of on the toilet, which was amusing.
Tonight we played with Bell Ringer, who are 3 members of the defunct Cola Cola. They are nice people, and we actually get to play 3 tour shows with them. We also played with Speedgoat, who are a bluesy/metallish power trio from SF. They had a giant stuffed bear ‘mascot’ (not a goat) who sat in front of the stage during their set. 
The performance was a decent start to this tour.