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#100 TRiP on 6-3-13

This was the first of our lead-up shows to the big Neon Trees High School Benefit Show. We got to play some brand new songs for the first time, and I was a bit under the weather. Unfortunately we were losing Steve Coy to Wisconsin, so old chum Joey Briggs stepped in to play drums for the week. The venue was a mid-sized bar in Santa Monica with a decent stage that even had a piano. There was mostly family in the audience, and we were reminded that Damien’s full-sized Peavey keyboard was not going to be practical for smaller stages. The evening concluded with Johnty and I sharing stories with a highly intoxicated German traveler. (Alex?)


#48 Central on 10-8-2010

(photo by Amber McCandless)

Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club is in Santa Monica. It used to be called 14 Below. (I once played there with an earlier band and our attendees were not counted correctly so I was screwed out of $140.) We had been invited to play by Holy Rolling Empire, a Tucson band.

We were set to open the show, and we were going to share drums with some of the other bands, and I was borrowing a bass amp. We set up for what seemed like forever, and the sound men were having some technical issues, so it was actually longer than forever. I didn’t remember the stage being so cramped. We played to a modest crowd, but they seemed into it. It would be a shame if I didn’t comment on the lights in the room, which were pin-laser-psychedelic-spiral-dance-club madness. They were definitely in competition with us.
The crowd filled out as the night went on, and I must say there is nothing like playing shows with bands that are your friends. This was our 5th (6th? 7th?) show with the Monthlies, and the 2nd show with new friends Cola Cola, so the environment was warm and inviting. It reminded me a bit of shows on tour.

#35 Dakota Lounge on 5-16-10

This show was booked through Fancy Animal Productions. They are a nice couple who seemed to put a lot of care into this show. We played with The Monthlies, as well asĀ Holland Greco.
What made this show special was not the dinner at the Vegan restaurant nearby, but the East-Coast one-legged security guard at the club. He was truly one-of-a-kind. He was dressed in a suit, and walked around on a crutch, and managed to make sure you knew you were in the way every chance he got. Whether it was equipment backstage or your own body against the bar, it was a night full of “Excuse me, can you just move that closer to the wall? We need to keep this area clear” or “I just need you to leave this path open. I’m not trying to be pushy.” And yet, he WAS pushy. All night long. Even when things were not really in the way, he would seek out people to move and things to ‘correct.’ It was a unique and amazing experience.
Being our first show back in many months, we all agreed that we had evolved to a new plateau of live performance. We felt good. We even covered INXS.