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#100 TRiP on 6-3-13

This was the first of our lead-up shows to the big Neon Trees High School Benefit Show. We got to play some brand new songs for the first time, and I was a bit under the weather. Unfortunately we were losing Steve Coy to Wisconsin, so old chum Joey Briggs stepped in to play drums for the week. The venue was a mid-sized bar in Santa Monica with a decent stage that even had a piano. There was mostly family in the audience, and we were reminded that Damien’s full-sized Peavey keyboard was not going to be practical for smaller stages. The evening concluded with Johnty and I sharing stories with a highly intoxicated German traveler. (Alex?)


#64 Louis Alvarez going away party on 8-20-11

Our chum Louis Alvarez who booked us for Downtown Artwalk decided to move to Portland, and asked us to play a backyard party. I’m always excited about these things as they tend to be really casual and you get to play and then hang out and actually to get to know people. This particular crew was great as they are all cyclists, and a nice mix of people. There was some very nice food at this party in addition to the burgers, like caprese salad. I forgot my bass cab, so we had to have someone race it out to us. It was a fun performance, and the party goers seemed to really enjoy it. Great night.

#38 Wolf Gallery on 7-24-10

(photo by ?)
We were tracked down and asked to play this show by East Los Angeles new wave band LeTras. We drove down to Whittier and were greeted by an apparently very tight-knit group of Latino fans and friends. I was reminded of Briggs shows back in the day, where we would find these hard-core Latino punks who absolutely lived for the scene and the music. It’s such a nice contrast to scenelessness. (Yep, I just coined that.)
There was a middle-aged burnout white guy who lingered around the club before we played, and he asked us if we were going to play some ‘Anglo-Saxon music’ for a change, instead of all this ‘Mexican shit’. We were annoyed/amused. During our set this guy kept giving half-assed Nazi salutes, and eventually left. I thought this was very smart of him.
After the set, feeling like we didn’t necessarily win this crowd over, LeTras invited us to come back to their studio/practice space to hang out and drink. We joined them, and it turned into a great dance party, and we were quite happy to join them. We danced and it was fantastic.